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Q- Why does my foundation cake and look terrible? – Isobel. B

A- Hi Isobel, there can be many reasons your foundation can appear cakey. Here are three sure ways to make sure that your foundation looks flawless and skin-like.

1.) Make sure to use the correct foundation for your skin type. If your skin is more dry, opt for a cream foundation that will keep your skin looking dewy and more skin like. My favorite cream foundation is RCMA Color Process foundation. If your skin is oily, or normal, I recommend a liquid or liquid to powder setting foundation. My favorite liquid foundation these days is Too Faced’s Born This Way foundation because of its amazing coverage and stay power,

2.) Make sure to properly prep your face for your makeup. Using a primer can make your foundation stay put, but also give you better coverage; this way you use less and achieve a more skin like texture. If your skin is dry, I HIGHLY recommend Too Faced’s Hangover Replenishing primer. This product will give your makeup a smooth canvas, and a much more flawless looking finish. If your skin is normal to oily, splurge or Hourglass’ Veil Primer. This product dries to a silky powdery finish that makes your foundation work twice as well, and blurs imperfections. Definitely a favorite of mine.

3.) Work that product into your skin! Do not simply ‘pat’ foundation onto skin. Use a dampened blending bud or beauty sponge to press the product into your skin. Using a quick but gentle tapping motion, work in small areas around your face and really press the product in. The sponge will also remove excess product, preventing that ‘cake’ texture.

4.) Finish your face! Always complete your makeup routine with a finishing spray. Hold the bottle six inches from your face, and gently mist your finished look. This will remove powder textures, and return the glow that natural skin has. For dry skin, I LOVE Skindinavia. For normal to oily skin (especially if you use any powders), MAC Prep and Prime is a must.