The Best Makeup Buying Tips You Need To Know Right Now


The Best Makeup Buying Tips You Need To Know Right Now

Buying products, and yes makeup, has changed. Even the largest stores do not carry the products we are looking for, and that is because of the internet. I am guilty, I buy all of my makeup online. However, I have noticed a skyrocket of emails from friends and clients struggling to find their right products online. As a makeup artist it was easier to understand what I was looking for, yet I realized that most rely on that consultant at that counter to tell them what they need. Then, we have to tac on shipping, how do we save money without browsing the shelves? This video came from an absolute need, the questions answered that I hear every day. Finally learn how to find the right makeup colors and undertones for you in under 5 seconds, how to save money while shopping, and my ultra favorite product. Bonus! A special exclusive just for you, an extra savings from my favorite brand.

Finding The Right Makeup Color & Shade For You

How do we know which foundation to buy, the right color of lipstick for me, and how do we spot it online? Honestly I would not worry about skipping that counter consultation in the beauty department because they only get it right about 40% of the time, from my personal experiences. All you have to know is your undertone. If you google ways to find this you will see silly things like jewelry tests, wrapping your head in a towel, it is pretty funny. The only way I ever teach my clients is to look at your lower arm, below your wrist and above your elbow. What color are your veins?

  • Blue- You are PINK or COOL undertone.
  • Green- You are YELLOW or WARM undertone.
  • PURPLE- (Double check that you are looking below your wrist because this is usually wrong at first glance. If your veins are purple in natural sunlight, or a combination of both, you are neutral.

Once you understand your undertone, you will be able to identify the makeup shade that is right for you.

  • Foundation- Great brands will offer 5 sections- Very Light, light, medium, deep, very deep. All you need to do is spot these sections and find the one with your undertone. Those 45 shades suddenly make a lot more sense!
  • Shadows, lispticks, blushes etc.- All of the products you look at have a name. In those names are clues to the undertone in the color. I bet you wondered where they came up with them? No? Okay just me.
    • Rosey, cool, frosty, Blush, Ballet, Indigo, Wine- These words tend to mean that cool blue undertone.
    • Warm, burned, firy, orange, golden, hot- These words tend to mean that warm yellow undertone.

   TIP* Buying online can be the best because the product descriptions tell you even more about the colors to determine if they are the right shade and tone for you. Many counter representatives are not trained to understand these.

Saving Money on Makeup

I love a good product and will splurge if it gives me the results, but there are so many times that I see gals spending 2,3 , or 5X the amount of money for a product that they do not need to! These are my top three tips on saving makeup while shopping online.

  • Check Multiple Retailers- Ulta often has sales, Sephora does not. Also be sure to check department stores like Nordstroms, Macy’s, Dillards, etc. Stores will often run promotions that can save you up to 75% off a product. Be sure to watch for seasonal sales as well, or common ones like friends and family or holiday specials; those discounts can apply to the products you have had your eye on.

  • My BIGGEST SECRET- This is an uber secret that I don’t often share. Look up the ingredients of your product. Then copy and paste them into google. Many brands will have factories label a product for them, but that product can be labeled for many brands. Smashbox is one of them. My ultra favorite is Skindinavia- The best setting spray that Urban Decay All Nighter will charge you more for. You will be surprised how many brands may be selling the same formula and some for less- fingers crossed!
  • Purchase SAMPLE SIZES- I want you to ask yourself how many products are in your drawer, expired over a year or maybe more. Blushes, bronzers, highlighters, even mascara! There are so many products at Sephora or Ulta for $10 to $15 in a smaller size. Instead of using expired makeup that you don’t want to waste (they probably don’t work the same anymore anyways). Brand name mascara is one of the big ones that I only purchase in sample sizes- I head a lot of gals say that their expensive mascaras such as Too Faced, or Smash Box now flake under their eyes, or have fallout that is horrible. This isn’t because of the brand, but because your tube is old. (The tube can go old from pumping air in and out of the product so I prefer to purchase the smaller sizes that last just as long as the large tube)

The Exclusive Offer For My Readers!!!! ( How do I even title this it is so exciting!!!)

For years I have tried so many beauty blenders. The blender sponge you use can make or break your makeup. The one I am obsessively loyal to is Beau Gachis. I swear by it and see it in any of my videos for years. ( Funny story, my kiddo was upset with me and destroyed that…..because she knows how to hit me hard) So after she was grounded for way too long, I emailed them and they are hooking you all up with 20% off. Why I love it

  • Stops makeup from settling into my lines and winkles
  • Leaves just the perfect amount of coverage like magic
  • Lasts way longer than other competitors
  • I refuse to use any other sponge because it works so well

The sponge is also ONLY $11.95 and with my code MASCARABRAT you receive 20% off.

Buy your beauty blender and check out their beautiful selection of affordable makeup brushes from Beau Gachis or by using my link MASCARABRAT.

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