The Ultimate Must Have Foundations This Year

The number one question I get year round, is which foundation is the best? So here is the lineup of the best foundations (& Concealers) for healthy, youthful, and hydrated looking skin. But first, please let me dispel the number one foundation myth once and for all.

Foundations never fix your skin issues. Just like you would never get the best results from a 2 in 1 conditioner. Quit spending all of this money on foundations that claim to fix your dry, oily, or porous skin. The only way to correct those issues are to address them in separate skin care.

That said, these foundations do the very best to mask dry skin, minimize lines, and keep your skin looking youthful and healthy… because my skin is never at it’s perfect health and will never so long as wine and coffee exist. And aging… that never stops either. gah.

The countdown.

#4. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
Sweet Baby Jesus this stuff STAYS where you place it. It never thickens, oxidizes, or intrudes with your foundation. Even after blending your face to the planets it stays. The miracle is how well it camouflages dark circles. You can use this with a light coverage foundation for maximum blemish and areas that honestly we just want to be gone for the day… or with full coverage products on top. It lasts forever and the sample size at Sephora will save your wallet and your day.


#3. Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea

I had so many preconceived notions about this product that were so wrong… do yourself a favor and go buy this. Don’t waste time like I did.  The product does not get enough credit for it’s color matching magic, coverage, and skinlike finish. This is that foundation that you can slather all over your face like lotion and run out for the day. It is buildable, glowy, doesn’t move, and did I mention that it blends so beautifully. Go. Buy. It. I knew it was a winner when my husband said he loved how my skin looked that day. I loved it even more when that said husband who takes less than Instagram-worthy photos captured my face the way I always knew it could pretend to be. Ha- husband proof. It also doesn’t smudge.


#2. It Cosmetics CC+

Never have I ever…. thought that I would be speaking of a CC Cream worthy of a foundation lineup. A CC cream after all, is of course a Korean Beauty (Our Beauty Experts to the Gods) a Color Correcting cream. Not a foundation, not a concealer, but much more like a tinted moisturizer. I’m absolutely convinced that they mislabeled this as a CC cream because it is much more like a full blown youth enhancing magic lotion. This product doesn’t need a primer, whoa coverage for lines and dark circles, bathe in it type glory. Seriously it’s perfect for five minute makeup, a little bronzer on top and you wouldn’t know that I didn’t contour. You’ll still need a little concealer if your face is hating you- aka acne- but otherwise I approve.#1 RCMA Color Process Foundations

I can never say enough about this product. This is not your beauty counter buy. this is true -one and done TV- and Movie professional grade foundation that is so easy to use. Don’t let that worry you. Most products are 10-25 ish pigment but this runs near 55% pigment. Mix in an amazing face oil or your daily moisturizer to use and pretend you didn’t put makeup on to begin with. This is why I am so disappointed at makeup companies for selling a one and done product, while this magic sits quietly, waiting to be found. You want coverage, that looks like your skin? Quit messing around because this is what all of the celebrities are using. The price is a steal and it will last you for longer than you’ll pretend your makeup isn’t expired. Hands down the best foundation I have ever set my brush into. The clear #1 Mascarabrat Makeup Award of the Year.


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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year. This year, my wish for all of you, is that you find the best, most confident version of yourself in the mirror. Use makeup as a form of art, creativity, and expression. Remember that you are beautiful, inside and out, and though we may conceal a pimple or two, we let our true selves shine. Find one thing tomorrow to love yourself for and let it spread throughout the year into a better more happy you, no matter where you may stand.

With Love – Xo,


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Co-Hosting Live on The Scene In NYC

We Were Live on The Scene in NYC!
Co-Hosting The Scene
I bet the first thing you’re wondering is why was I live on The Scene? How did that happen? I’ve watched the MANover show for a while, I adore Steven London and all of his celebrity gossip. This was the last week of the Live Facebook show and he invited me to co host. My husband was already in NY for fashion week so I piled my kiddos into the car and drove down! Besides, you can NOT beat being in the Meat Packing District during fashion week, seeing all the models and amazing outfits. It was the perfect time for a short visit. 
The Show
Thursday morning we headed to the Condé Nast office (I brought my oldest daughter along). Before going live we met Tiffany Bender, Alyssa Limperis, two amazing gals you’ll recognize from videos on The Scene. Everyone was fantastic, a great group of truly good people. Steven and I checked out each others’ products for a few and then we went live! Many of you have asked why Manover has come to an end. Steven London will be back with a new show called The SL Beat. Fear not! He is simply on to bigger things. 
Products On The Show
The makeup! The best part. Here is the recap of some of our favorite products we discussed on the show.
Boom Boom Brow Seamless One Size Fits All
Holy Product alert!! Go buy this yesterday! This truly is a one size(color) fits all product. Both Steven and I tried this on our very different skin tones and it is STUNNING. This pen will give you hairlike shadows and strokes without harsh lines like so many other products. Trust me when I tell you that you need it in your brow arsenal. For only $22 I feel like you get a ton of product, and it is so easy to use.
Urban Decay All Nighter Spray
I truly believe you cannot afford to go without a setting spray. You’re spending time on your face and makeup, so you should be locking it in to last all day. Urban Decay’s is my current favorite and amazing for all skin types. Most people do not know that the formula is actually by Skindinavia, a professional makeup line. My money saving secret is to check all three websites, Skindinavia, Sephora, and Urban Decay; often times one will have a sale, a discount code, or even shipping. 
I had such an amazing time, getting to meet everyone at Condé Nast, doing makeup with Steven. Thank you to everyone who joined us live for the show, for the shares and support. What a trip to remember. Hopefully more to come! Until then, make sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram and FB for the best in beauty and all of my favorite things.

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How To Rock A Bold Makeup Look The Right Way

Where do I begin? I’m getting married in TWO MONTHS! It’s really happening. Finally!

Also, we moved to Boston!

Let’s start with the obvious, the makeup!

I am 100% obsessed with my new RCMA foundation. It’s my new holy grail. Why? It has 50% pigment compared to shelf brands with an average of 12-23%. Ish. RCMA is a professional grade foundation but takes a few tricks to use it. You’ll see this commonly used on set for television or movies. I mix mine with Farsali Rose Gold Elixre, Tarte Marcuja Oil, or sometimes Must Dew oil by Limelight. Tutorial on this foundation coming soon.

This is my favorite lipstick by YSL. The Rouge Volupté series is so perfect for quick on-the-go color. This shade, Rouge Pur Couture, is a high shine, extremely moisturizing stick. Best lipstick for dry lips. Amazing for summer looks. If you’re cool toned, the color will look a tad brighter and more orange. Warm toned complexions rock this as more of a red shade like me!

If you need a longer wear, I used NARS Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil underneath. Careful! These amazing pencils go a long way, with a LOT of pigment. Dab some on and rub through the rest of the lip with your finger or a brush.

The powder pallet is by Mehron, gifted to me by one of my favorite vloggers online- Steven London! Watch him on Facebook Live @ The Scene on Monday, Wednesday, Friday’s at Noon. He teaches makeup techniques while he scoops out the latest pop culture news. Imagine a Wendy, Oprah, & Mariah mixed into one. That brilliance is Steven London himself. Follow him on Instagram @stevensveryown

I can NOT wait to tell you guys all the wedding details and more. Make sure to subscribe for monthly makeup tips.

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Makeup You NEED for the New Year

New Year, new trends, and what you NEED in your makeup bag to look amazing. 2017 is here, and boy what a relief for many!

Last year we saw so many intense makeup trends make their way to main stream. Like contouring and overly fierce brows. The amazing news is that the over-done-over complicated trends have died. Here is exactly what you MUST HAVE to look flawless for 2017, and good news, they’re simple to use!


Highlighter is the magic “I naturally glow” giving product that belongs in your bag. It’s a super fine shimmer that makes your skin look dewy, not glittery. Place it just above the curve of your cheek, the bridge of your nose, even the cupid’s bows of your lips. It makes you look awake and youthful. Definitely a don’t skip! My favorite is theBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer because it works with all tones and looks angelic.

Natural Lips

This has got to me my favorite trend of all time. When I say natural nude shades, I don’t mean that color that looks like foundation. Think natural pinks, mauves, warm browns, and soft berries. Just a touch of color to the lips. Want to take it up a notch? Try out a matte liquid lipstick. Pearls and shimmery lips are out, and so only belong in middle school hallways. For light to medium tones I LOVE liquid lipstick MIDI by Colourpop, for medium to deep tones Beeper is another beautiful tone. Bonus – sign up for their email and get $5 off!

Natural Brows

HALLELUJAH the overdone brow trend is dead! So how do you do your brows? Use a brow pencil one or two(ish) shades darker than your brow color. Fill in the brow with hairlike strokes- you’re not trying to paint them solid. If you need added depth, use a powder and a small, flat, angled brush and again, make hairlike strokes. Don’t forget to brush them! Use SOFT strokes with a brow spool in the direction of your hair to soften any lines. My favorite brow pencil is by far the MAC Brow Pencil in Accentuated for dark blondes and brunettes.

Setting Spray

If you aren’t using a setting Spray now, you need to stop and order one NOW. Setting Spray is that last step of your makeup that locks your layers together and increases the lasting power by ten folds. My favorite- it makes your makeup, face powder, shadow, look more natural and less makeupy texture. After you’re finished, hold the bottle six inches from your face and spritz (eyes closed) and let it dry (like ten seconds). The best brand, and a secret of makeup artists everywhere, is Model in a Bottle Setting Spray. Click the link(name) to get it on Amazon because I never see it in stores.

Have you tried these products? When trends do you foresee, and what do you wish made the 2917 cut? Happy New Year dolls!



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