How To Save Money On MAC Makeup

I loveeeeeeeeee MAC makeup (everything but their foundation, I don’t love that) but it’s safe to call it a downright addiction. Why? Because NO OTHER COMPANY makes eye shadows that blend as beautifully as they do. Especially their matte shades. MAC matte eyeshadow blends like an angel slid across your eyelid, belly first, leaving behind an effortless perfection of color. Yep. I said it.

The kicker? Those beautiful shades usually cost $16 a pop. $16!!!! If you need three for a new makeup trend or season? That’s over $50 with tax. No thanks…. I know how to load an entire pallet for less than that. Here’s how ….. You’re welcome.

$6 MAC Eyeshadow Say What?!

MAC now sells refill eye shadows for $6, but you have to know how to ask. When you go into the store tell them you need eyeshadow refills for your pallet. For the best selections, go to a stand alone store versus a nordstroms kiosk if you can. They come in the cute little packages with just the shallow tin and eyeshadow. You can also purchase your blush, concealer, and pressed powders this way! you save a ton. But how do you store them?

Z Pallets

You may or may not have heard about these, Z pallets are empty makeup pallets that are AMAZING for customizing and storing your makeup. They are magnetic, so just you pop all of your favorite eye shadows, any brand, right inside! They even come with a little key that I use to dig out my favorite colors from big bulky pallets to stick inside my Z. Most makeup pans are metal so they just magnetically stick inside. You can get smaller ones at Sephora, but my favorite is to order them HERE on Amazon to save money and time.

MAC does sell empty customizable pallets, but they are overly large, you cannot fit many colors inside, and you can’t use them for other makeup brands.

Check out how I customized my Z pallet in my quick tutorial.

What do you think? Are you stoked to grab some hot new colors? Maybe grab a blush you’ve wanted for so long? Let me know below! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. You never know where I’ll post next.


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Makeup You NEED for the New Year

New Year, new trends, and what you NEED in your makeup bag to look amazing. 2017 is here, and boy what a relief for many!

Last year we saw so many intense makeup trends make their way to main stream. Like contouring and overly fierce brows. The amazing news is that the over-done-over complicated trends have died. Here is exactly what you MUST HAVE to look flawless for 2017, and good news, they’re simple to use!


Highlighter is the magic “I naturally glow” giving product that belongs in your bag. It’s a super fine shimmer that makes your skin look dewy, not glittery. Place it just above the curve of your cheek, the bridge of your nose, even the cupid’s bows of your lips. It makes you look awake and youthful. Definitely a don’t skip! My favorite is theBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer because it works with all tones and looks angelic.

Natural Lips

This has got to me my favorite trend of all time. When I say natural nude shades, I don’t mean that color that looks like foundation. Think natural pinks, mauves, warm browns, and soft berries. Just a touch of color to the lips. Want to take it up a notch? Try out a matte liquid lipstick. Pearls and shimmery lips are out, and so only belong in middle school hallways. For light to medium tones I LOVE liquid lipstick MIDI by Colourpop, for medium to deep tones Beeper is another beautiful tone. Bonus – sign up for their email and get $5 off!

Natural Brows

HALLELUJAH the overdone brow trend is dead! So how do you do your brows? Use a brow pencil one or two(ish) shades darker than your brow color. Fill in the brow with hairlike strokes- you’re not trying to paint them solid. If you need added depth, use a powder and a small, flat, angled brush and again, make hairlike strokes. Don’t forget to brush them! Use SOFT strokes with a brow spool in the direction of your hair to soften any lines. My favorite brow pencil is by far the MAC Brow Pencil in Accentuated for dark blondes and brunettes.

Setting Spray

If you aren’t using a setting Spray now, you need to stop and order one NOW. Setting Spray is that last step of your makeup that locks your layers together and increases the lasting power by ten folds. My favorite- it makes your makeup, face powder, shadow, look more natural and less makeupy texture. After you’re finished, hold the bottle six inches from your face and spritz (eyes closed) and let it dry (like ten seconds). The best brand, and a secret of makeup artists everywhere, is Model in a Bottle Setting Spray. Click the link(name) to get it on Amazon because I never see it in stores.

Have you tried these products? When trends do you foresee, and what do you wish made the 2917 cut? Happy New Year dolls!



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