How To Make Beautiful DIY Wedding Program Fans

Beautiful DIY Wedding Program Fans

 I had so many requests on how to make your own diy wedding stationary and program fans! They are easy for even first time DIY project, and a great way to save on your wedding budget. I had so much fun that I also did my place cards and guest book inserts too. Check it out!

Design it With Canva

Canva is the easiest, most powerful tool to design your wedding stationary. They have an app, but you’ll need a computer to use their full selection of designing tools. Begin by entering your stationary size, and then its as easy as click and drag! If you don’t know how to use it, YouTube has endless quick learn videos to make you a pro in no time. Your wedding guests will be so amazed with your design talent. Be sure to save your finished design in PDF Print for the best printing results.

Wow Worthy Stationary Paper

My favorite stationary pieces were printed on seed paper! Botanical Paperworks offers sensational stationary that your guests can plant, and literally watch your love grow! The paper arrived quickly, terrific thick quality, and printed easily from my at home printer. I was also amazed with their customer support and help, they offer the best printing support for first time DIYers. So instead of heading to your nearest craft store, consider something your guest can take home to enjoy your special day a little bit longer.

Print & Assemble!

Printing and assembling your wedding stationary is a lot easier than you would think. I saved a lot of time and money by ordering my ink on Amazon, as well as the Jumbo Wavy Fan Sticks to make my programs into wedding fans. I recommend using hot glue to hold the fans together- many other blogs recommended double sided tape that just won’t hold up to fanning. To print your pieces, feed the paper into the printer one at a time. It goes quickly, and the finished result is so professional looking that your guests may not believe you made them!

I had so much fun that I also printed off these cute pages for my guest book / advice box. My guests had a hoot drawing who they sat next to. Looking back at all of the details, I’m glad I made them myself.

My best wedding advice to you is to ENJOY your wedding planning. Have fun and make it everything you dreamed of. The wedding day goes fast, so make the most of planning the little details. Have questions? I’m always happy to help! Head over to the Ask The Brat page with any questions you have.

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